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Art & Craft inspired by the Gosptel


Last year we asked 14 local artists to paint the ‘Stations of the Cross’. 

As this was such a great success, this year we are inviting anyone to contribute art or craft to our Holy Week Exhibition entitled:

Inspired by The Gospels

The exhibition will be open from
2pm until 4pm
St Mary’s Church

 Monday 26th March to Monday 2nd April inclusive.



Christian Aid Week 13 - 19 May

Across the world there are around a billion people trying to survive on less than $1.25 a day.  Christian Aid Week is held each year in May and is a time when churches of all denominations come together to support Christian Aid in challenging poverty across the world.  Last year across the whole country Christian Aid Week raised over £9M with our Benefice raising just under £700.  Let us see what we can do this year!

You will receive a Christian Aid envelope with May's edition of Parish Connections.  We would ask you to donate what you can to this vital cause.  Please post your donations through the door of one of your Churchwardens; they are listed on this website or in Parish Connections (for Miserden if easier drop them off with Mike and Sandra Mogg).  If you live in Syde or Caudle Green, they will be collected as usual.










Photo used under licence from Adobe Stock  and from Christian Aid.

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