Service update

Dear All,
I’m sorry that this weekend we are not able to ‘Zoom’ any of our services, however from 9am live (and any time later) there is a fourth Sunday of Advent Service available to watch on the Church of England Website.  (
Please do consider carefully if you should be attending live worship this weekend as with Covid rates being so high it is quite likely that you will become infected and will then have to self-isolate over Christmas and sacrifice time with family and friends (even if you don’t become particularly ill because you’ve had your booster.)
It is very likely that the published service pattern will become disrupted during the coming weeks because of illness or because the guidance and regulations change, so do please check the website before leaving home and we will try to keep this up-to date.
If you have offered to take part in a service and now feel uncomfortable about this please feel free to that change your mind - the landscape is shifting very quickly and everyone will understand.
Wishing you all that ‘peace that passeth all understanding.’
Love and blessings, Val

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